Celebrities Wearing Smartwatches

Not only are Smartwatches a great tech accessory but they have become a fashion staple. Specifically, the Apple Watch has been adopted by many celebrities and fashionistas. Some celebrities even pay the hefty price tag of over $10,000 for the gold Apple Watches, and some such as Beyonce and Kanye have paid $30,000 for custom gold versions. Below is a list of popular celebrities who wear Smartwatches.

 Singer Beyonce wearing a Custom Gold Apple Watch

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz wearing an Apple Watch

Rapper Kanye West wearing a Custom Gold Apple Watch

Singer Pharrell wearing an Apple Watch 

Singer Joe Jonas wearing anApple Watch

Actress Tori Spelling wearing a CASH Smartwatch

Rapper Drake wearing an Apple Watch with ared wrist band

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